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We covers all business functions from tax advisory, legal, human resources, finance & accounting, sales support, marketing and IT. Our team works alongside the ventures at every step, from establishment to growth. Our deep and committed relationship with our client is unique. Only by this concentrated engagement our clients can focus their time and energy on their most important priority: building their business, at rapid pace, and stay ahead their competitors.


Business Development

We help plan the future for your business in Sweden. Our strategies are shaped by your goals and strategic drivers of competition, technological change and market entry. They come in many varieties including product, pricing, promotion, distribution, technology and management strategies.



Our services include expert advice on marketing, analytics, finance, design, branding and technical product development. By making these fundamental resources available, we enable international companies to turn into tomorrows businesses in Sweden.


Investment & Funding

We facilitate access to capital for start-ups, help investors and established companies to invest and acquire ventures. Depending on your investment or funding needs, we connect you with the right financial provider or venture in our network and portfolio.

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